Fallout 4 Surpasses Skyrim and becomes Bethesda’s crowned jewel

Bethesda is one of the most successful and appreciated game publishers in the industry due to its ability of bringing forth franchises that last and people build communities around. Without question, its two most successful franchises are Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, and until recently, the latter held the title of most successful game produced.

Fallout fans out there intrigued by that last statement are about to read something that will please them greatly: Fallout 4 has been deemed the most successful game in Bethesda’s history. The statement comes from no other than Pete Hines, who plays the role of marketing chief.

According to him and a statement he made during a podcast, it would seem that Fallout 4 has managed to outdo the previous owner of that title, Skyrim. The fact that Skyrim is a part of the discussion so many years after its initial release just stands testimony to how great the game is. And more than that, it has the backing of a very large following behind it. The same thing can be said about Fallout 4 so there is no surprise about its ability to pass the aforementioned Skyrim.

What do they have in common?

Both games offer a similar experience although in completely different settings. Both games take the player through a vast unexplored land with dangers lurking at every step of the way. Both games give you objectives to complete through working for various factions and gaining their favor, as well as entrusting a portion of your burden to a companion of your choosing.

In Fallout 4, you play as the survivor of the apocalypse, in search of your stolen infant child, in a land set 200 years after your time (you are cryogenically frozen for that period). In Skyrim, you take the role of an outlaw sentenced to death which escapes by the grace of an unplanned dragon attack. By undergoing various trials and challenges, you set on a quest to fulfill your destiny as something the people of the realm call Dragonborn.

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  1. Let the buyers of the games tell you the truth: Skyrim is superior to Fallout 4 in almost every way. Bethesda and this article are just wrong.

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