Gmail vs Yahoo Mail: Most Widely Used Email Service Providers Compared

Two of the most widely used email service providers are Gmail and Yahoo Mail. While there are other email services available, these two are perhaps the most commonly used. Gmail came in first and Yahoo Mail followed suit.

Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo Mail or both, you might not be too meticulous about the features so long as you get to send and receive emails. However, to make the most of your email service provider, it pays to have a comparison of both.

Which is really the better email service to use?

Gmail was recently updated a few days ago with the version that came with improved performance and bug fixes while its competitor is available for mobile phones and tablet as Yahoo7 Mail.

  • Storing Email and Attaching Files

Gmail offers 15 GB of free storage space that is spread across Google Drive and Google Plus. It also allows for 25MB message capacity including attachments. Conversely, Yahoo Mail has also up to 25MB of email storage and 10MB message size limit. As for attachments are up to 10 files per message.

  • Integrating Email and IM

With Gmail, it is possible to send instant messages to contacts that are online. Although Yahoo Mail also has instant messaging, Yahoo’s IM is not integrated with Yahoo Mail and this somehow hampers sending messages to friends and contacts since a chat bar needs to be opened. Moreover, with Gmail, you can send messages via hangouts to contacts while using your email service. It is located in the left side window of the page.

  • Organizing Your Folders

In this aspect, Yahoo Mail is much better. This is because even if Gmail lets your label your folders, they are tucked away in the same area that if you have numerous folders to organize, this can be quite a challenge. Meanwhile, Yahoo Mail also allows labeling of folders but lets you arrange your folders to your preference. Gmail has 5 categories for folders which include Social, Promotions, Primary, Updates and Forums while Yahoo Mail separates your inbox according to dates. This can be handy if you are searching for old emails.

  • Securing Your Accoount

When it comes to spam emails, Gmail lets you filter the spam emails you receive and categorize them as good or bad. Security protection includes viruses, phishing and spam. In the case of Yahoo Mail, it has the capability to assess which emails are spam or not and then send them directly to your spam folder. However, there are instances that some important emails are sent to the spam folder. But to address this, the email service provider made sure you can unmark emails as spam. For virus protection, Yahoo uses Norton AntiVirus to ensure you are safe from malware. It also blocks phishing sites to keep them out of your inbox.

  • Getting User Support

In this aspect, Gmail has one point higher than Yahoo Mail. While the latter only has the FAQs section, the former has FAQs section as well as user forums.

Both are available for Android as well and Gmail just released the updated 7.1.1 version for Android. Now that you know the difference between the two most commonly used email service providers, you at least have an idea of what you have been missing.

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