GTA 6 to not come out before RDR 2 says Rockstar

The announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 becoming a reality has struck fans in a major way. The sequel to the already iconic Rockstar game has been anticipated and speculated about since the very release of the original game. Fans no longer have to wonder whether or not they will get to play this game. Now, we know for sure that we are getting the much awaited sequel, and the only remaining matter is when that actually happens.

Another huge part of the Rockstar player community is waiting for another title for the game developer. Those waiting for GTA 6 are always ready to hear a good rumor regarding to the successor to the highly successful and critically acclaimed GTA 5. There is some troubling news for that part of the community however, in the sense that Rockstar has pretty much confirmed that GTA 6 won’t be making its debut before players get to see the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

For those that still remember the original RDR, it had a lot of elements similar to what we see in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. What we mean by that is that it featured the same type of open world exploring and a web of missions that helped you progress through the story. Although there’s a big leap from a sturdy horse to a sports car, both game communities can argue that they had multiple transportation solutions.

A teaser released for RDR 2 earlier briefly mentions that the game would be released sometime during the Fall of 2017. While that is not a lot to go on, it’s still comforting to know that there is a period of time around which we can base our GTA 6 speculations.

So even though we know that GTA 6 won’t be along for a while still, we can speculate that its debut will happen sometime after Fall hits and RDR 2 has been launched.

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