Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the future of the Surface line

Microsoft has struck pure gold, some might say, when it developed the first Surface device. The idea of 2 in 1 hybrid devices that could alternate between being a laptop and being a tablet at will was something the market wasn’t really prepared for. For that reason, the innovation wasn’t med with immediate success.

However, after a while, Surface devices started to pick up and soon enough they were the talk of the town. That still stands today when they have a stronger following than ever. Thanks to the efficiency, business oriented market of today, many Surface devices have found a home.

The latest device in Microsoft’s successful line would be the Surface Pro 5. It is yet unknown when exactly we will be able to see the device, but sources are saying that we can very much count on a 2017 release.

What will it offer?

  • There are a bunch of features that fans can get excited about. For instance, the Surface Pro 5 will feature the latest processor architecture, which is the Kaby Lake chip model from Intel. Aside from the obvious improvements in the processing department, the new Kaby Lake chips will also be able to facilitate and assists the device’s battery consumption rates and ensure a longer battery life for the device. One of the biggest issues people found with the Surface Pro 4 was the battery unit and how it was not up to par.
  • Another addition is an improved Surface Pen which promises an enhanced touch screen experience. As we mentioned, you can turn the device into a tablet and handle it like that when it becomes the better or more comfortable solution. Having a modern, advanced version of the Surface Pen will help users better make use of the devices’ tablet-like characteristics. Speaking of the screen, it is said that the new Surface device will feature a 4K capable screen, which will follow the norms of today where 4K is a must-have.
  • Last but not least, we will see Microsoft grant the Surface Pro 5 their signature Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft has long ago stated that Windows 10 is their primary focus in terms of OS versions, and having it on the Surface Pro 5 will come in handy when talking about the latest updates and features.
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