Minecraft Update Available with Candy Texture Pack Improvements

A couple of days ago Mojang confirmed that it’s getting close to add the finishing touches to the 1.0.3 Minecraft update. Mojang has been codenamed this update as the Candy Texture Pack. This pack will arrive only to Windows 10 and the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, console players must wait a little longer until their turn comes.

Regarding this new update, it contains a bunch of new features. Obviously, as its name implies it will bring a bunch of different candies to the game. Worth mentioning is that this update will arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day. Additionally, the update also includes a couple of bug fixes that have been specially designed to increase the game’s overall user experience.

We should mention that Mojang announced on its official blog that this update will change the game’s textures with some new sweet treats. The game’s mobs are also being changed so that they look “sweeter”. For example, the game now includes velvet cake cows, lollipops and starlight mint skeletons. This new texture pack will make players feel like they are in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Another reason to why this update is highly anticipated is because it might fix some known Minecraft issues. Lately, the game has been ridden with bugs. In fact, Mojang’s forums are filled with threads of users complaining about annoying bugs. Mojang confirmed that some aspects of the game will be tweaked as a result of adding this patch. We can only hope that this patch addresses the realm crash bug.

Regarding annoying bugs, the Minecraft 1.0.3 update squashes the pressure plates and Redstone items bugs. We advise interested Minecraft players to head over to Mojang’s official website. There they can read the full patch list and find out everything that’s been fixed.

In case you don’t own the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, it can be downloaded right now from every app store including iOS, Play Store and Amazon Fire. Worth mentioning is that Minecraft Windows 10 edition is on sale today for $9.99. That’s a pretty big discount in comparison with the game’s original price of $17.

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