Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone to be Available at MWC 2017

The potential release of a device that features a foldable display has ascended from myth to reality with several leaks confirming the existence of such a project. It would seem that Samsung, the company most engaged in such a project, would want to take its initiative further at MWC. With the opportunity that presents itself in the form of the event held in Barcelona in February, Samsung might be looking to hear the opinion of others.

However, before you get your hopes up, we’re not talking about a public unveiling  that would let fans weigh in on the situation of foldable displays. Rumor has it that Samsung will be looking to bend the ear of its market peers which will be present at the event with their own array of new tech products. The presentation would allegedly take place in a private setting and the public wouldn’t be a part of it.

Additional rumors claim that Samsung has found a resolve to a previously debated topic: whether to make the foldable displays bend inwards or outwards. It would seem that, unsure of which would find better success in the market, Samsung has patented both variants and would bring multiple panels at MWC.

There also appear to be a certain reluctance among those in the Samsung camp. This is a direct result of the dramatic incident that took place last year with the company’s Note iteration. Those familiar with what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 might better understand why Samsung is taking extra precautions before engaging in a new project that might be detrimental to the company.

The Korean manufacturer wants to make sure that there is a place in the market for foldable displays and that this won’t just be a cash burner. This is the alleged reason for which It is looking to get the opinion of like-minded individuals from the industry at this year’s MWC event.

The Galaxy S8 smartphone has fans brimming with anticipation already and it would seem that Samsung will have their hands full with the marketing and selling of this handset once it comes out. It will be interesting to see if we end up seeing the Galaxy X make an appearance next year to replace the next Galaxy S device or if it will become a separate device sold as an alternative.

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