Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Major Discounts from Microsoft

If you were looking for a sign to buy a Surface device from Microsoft, now might be a good a time as any. Microsoft is offering multiple devices from its Surface collection with very sizeable discounts which will most likely please all interested consumers.

To be a little more specific, the devices in question are the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. These two are the latest additions to their respective sub line of Surface products, and will be available for considerably lower price tags with the help  of this very generous discount.

The Surface Book is getting a total discount of $250, which is quite a lot. In contrast, the Surface Pro 4 is getting a smaller discount overall, but considering that it is already being sold cheaper than the other model, a $200 discount is far from laughable.

Without discounts, you would be able to get the Surface Book for a normal price of $1899. That’s quite steep for the average feller, so this discount comes just right. The Surface Pro 4 on the other hand comes with a selling price of $699.


The Surface Book comes with an i5 processor. Additionally, there are 8 GB of RAM which ensure that the device works at a very high efficiency. There is also a 256 GB internal storage capacity that is enough to fit all your necessary files.

The Surface Pro 4 n the other hand comes with half that RAM capacity, 4 GB, and 128 GB of internal storage. Surely, it is not as efficient as the Surface Book, but it’s definitely a powerful tool for those looking for productivity.

There are a lot of features that make these devices top notch in general and not only for their price category. With capabilities like 4K display, consumers are getting what they paid for.

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