WhatsApp Download for Older Devices with APK Files

If you are still looking for the killer app for mobile chat, messages, and more, then WhatsApp Messenger is the perfect fit for you. Basically, you can install it on any mobile device such as those running on Android, Windows, and iOS.

Even older devices can have a taste of WhatsApp if you are up to it. You can have a difficult time though if you are not so familiar with the procedure. However, learning a few things about this might come in handy one day.

Take note that older devices might not be supported by some apps on the Play Store. Therefore, you should be able to download and install the app manually. You simply have to download the APK file for the app that you would want to install on your device.

Make sure that you download the app from a reliable website before you proceed. You should be able to download the APK file that would run only on your Android device. So, if you have downloaded it from your PC, transfer that file to your mobile device’s SD card. You can do this by making a connection via USB cable or you can just remove the SD card and insert it on a card reader before inserting it on the USB slot on the PC. You only need to copy the necessary file for your installation.

Don’t forget to enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources so that you can install the APK file successfully. Just go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. You need to tap on the box beside it to enable this option. However, after installing WhatsApp, you definitely need to disable this option by tapping it once again. This will ensure that no intrusive files would be accidentally installed in your system.

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