5 WhatsApp Alternatives to Try for 2017

WhatsApp messaging app has been downloaded for more than one billion times since it was initially released years ago. It remained to be a top ranking, cross-platform app that allows sending videos, photos, messages and documents to iPhone, Android and desktop users.

This popularity has also been an inspiration for other developers to improve their messaging apps to be at par, if not exceed the performance of WhatsApp. Let us take a look at some of WhatsApp alternatives for the year 2017.

  • Skype

This software application allows users to chat, send files like images and videos to other skype users. Subscribers of Skype are assigned Skype numbers so friends with Skype accounts can reach users located in most parts of the world. Calls to landlines and mobile phones are also allowed at low rates. Video calls can either be one-to-one or group calls.

  • Line

Another WhatsApp alternative, this is also a cross-form messaging app with features that are not really far behind its competitors. Like all other instant messaging apps, Line offers free voice and video calls and messages to its 600 million users. With this app, you can also create group chats with 200 participants. The latest update released in January allows simultaneous sending of photos and videos. Moreover, up to five videos can be sent at the same time.

  • Snapchat

Last updated a few days ago, SnapChat is similar to WhatsApp that it allows Snapchatters to send videos and photos as well as chat with other Snap users. The latest update of this messaging app includes bug fixes while the download size is 63.67MB. One interesting thing about this app is that messages do not stay on the device permanently since sent photos and videos will self destruct after 10 seconds. However, saving these files is possible via screenshot.

  • WeChat

With 800 million users, WeChat is a messaging app for sending messages and making video and voice calls. It also has a sticker gallery with hundreds of animated stickers to make communicating with friends and family more fun. WeChat also has language support that it is available in 20 languages and can translate messages to any language. With the latest updated version, you can now edit and annotate photos before sending them to others. Other features of WeChat include real-time location sharing, custom wallpapers and notifications, desktop app as well as group chat and calls.

  • Viber

This messaging app offers VoIP services on top of its other features. So long as there is internet connection, Viber can be used to send friends and family instant messages and create group chats with up to 250 participants. Another awesome feature of this app, aside from making video calls and sending video messages, is making long distance calls or international calls, for free. A secure app, Viber automatically encrypts video and voice calls, text messages, videos, group chats and photos. Update is also available and it comes with new features. One is the secret messages feature similar to SnapChat where a time limit can be set for sent photos and videos. Part of the update also allows for clearing chat history and instant video messages.

There are also two other WhatsApp alternatives you might want to check out, Telegram and Pryvate.

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