Downloading Viber on Different Platforms

Viber is a messaging app that allows users to make voice and video calls, create chat groups and send audio and video files to other Viber users. This multi-platform communications app can be downloaded to most Android phones, Windows Phone, iPhone, Nokia and Bada devices. Also, for Mac and Windows, Viber is also available.

Aside from making calls to other Viber accounts in any part of the world for free, it is also possible to call landlines and mobile phones without Viber installed, at low rates. This is via the ViberOut feature.

Getting Started with Viber

What’s great about this call and messaging app is that there is no need to register to Viber to enjoy its features, unlike Skype. This is because your account is connected to your mobile number and you can immediately call and send messages to people in your contact list who have Viber on their devices. After downloading the app, you will receive an access code via a voice call or through SMS to activate your Viber account.

Downloading Viber

For Android users, installing Viber is easy by simply going to Play Store and search for Viber. Once you see the appropriate icon, click on it. When the download page opens, click install and the app will start to download. When it opens, you will have to type in your phone number and choose which country you are located.

For iPhone owners, Viber is also easy to download and install through App Store. First, install the app and open it. Click on “Continue” and follow the next steps. Basically, it’s the same with an Android Viber installation.

Viber for Windows syncs your account to that of your mobile phone. Downloading Viber for Mac, Windows and Linux can be done from this link: Simply follow the instructions and you can enjoy using Viber immediately.

Meanwhile, a Viber update is now available for Android smartphones.

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