Fallout 4 1.9 Update Download Available with New Fixes and Improvements

This week, Bethesda has released the Fallout 4 1.9 Update which measures 460 MB. The update brings PlayStation 4 Pro support, together with a couple of fixes for some annoying bugs. According to the patch notes, the improvements we are going to see along with the newest update are:

  • Support for PS4 Pro;
  • Support for the High Res Texture Pack, but only for PC;
  • Number of favorites count on the Mod Details page;
  • Number of ratings count on the Mods Browsing Menu;
  • Required dependencies on the Mod Details page;
  • A new Featured category for mods;
  • New ability to choose Most Favorited and Highest Rated filters by day, week, month and all time;
  • Latest version number and latest notes on the Mod Details page.

About the fixes, we can see that the team worked on:

  • Improved general performance and stability;
  • Improvements for the Reporting mods categories;
  • No more occasional crashes when you scroll through the Load Order menu;
  • Better error messaging for Bethesda.net.

This Fallout series turned out to be really popular, but the fifth installment was the most successful one. Pete Hines, who works at the developing studious, declared that the Fallout 4 sales were the highest in all their history, grossing even more than the Skyrim.

According to the website StatisticBrain, which gathers data, Skytim sold more than 23 million copies from its release up until now, which is 6 years. Fallout 4 though only succeeded to sell over 12 million units after its launch through retailers, and just 1.2 million copies through Steam.

If you love Fallout, then you have to try out Fallout Shelter if you haven’t already. Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that has become available for Android, iOS, PC and Xbox One and people seem to enjoy it a lot.

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