The Continuous Face-off Between WhatsApp and Snapchat

There is no doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used, cross-platform messaging app that is downloadable for free. With more than one billion users and the frequency of updates, it has made its way to the hearts of chat messaging enthusiasts.

However, another player, in the name of Snapchat has been on the spotlight recently. This messaging app also allows the user to send photos and videos to other snapchatters but these files will self-destruct after a few seconds.

Both apps now have a following, some having both apps on their devices. But which is the better option for communicating with family and friends. Let us make a comparison of these two competitors to have an idea on which one is worth your time.

Personal Preference

WhatsApp has call and text features as its basic features but overtime and after several updates, it now allows for video calling and international calls to other users, although data charges may apply. Conversely, Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app. While both are popular among its users, WhatsApp appeals to people of all ages, from students to professionals. The equally popular messaging app, Snapchat is geared towards teens and adults. Whichever is suited to the user now depends on the personal preference of the individual. But since Snapchat became an instant success years after its release, people who want to catch up with the trend started downloading the app.


The latest version of WhatsApp which was released in January now allows for making video calls worldwide. Moreover, users can now send and receive GIF images to its contacts. Other features of WhatsApp messenger include instantaneous playing of videos even before they are downloaded by the person who receive the files, group chat, send and receive voice messages as well as send documents. With its WhatsApp calling feature, it is now possible to call other WhatsApp users so long as there is internet connectivity.

While snapchat can also be used to chat with other Snapchatters, most of the people who have downloaded the messaging app use it to send videos and photos to others. Moreover, the photos are not just plain images. The app has filters that allow the user to add stickers to the photos. One interesting feature about the app is that the messages will only stay on the device of the receiver up to 10 seconds. This feature comes in handy if you want some privacy or do not want other people to accidentally view your messages. However, there is a way to save them. Via a screenshot, you can save the images you want to save.

User Status

Like Skype, WhatsApp has a feature that lets others see if the user is online, offline, busy or away. It also notifies the user if the battery of the device is about to get drained. Snapchat, on the other hand, does not have this feature so there is no way to tell if the person you are sending a message to is online or not.


WhatsApp automatically updates your contacts while Snapchat lets you add a contact only after you have accepted the request of another person.

While there are slight differences between the two apps, both are extremely popular. And while this so-called “Battle of the Titans” continues, expect more improvements from both messaging apps to come.

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