Nokia N-Series to be Released at MWC 2017

After the great release in January of the Nokia 6 Android phone, the smartphone giant is set to reveal a completely new range of devices at the MWC event (Mobile World Congress) 2017. Perhaps you know already about the HMD plan of releasing Nokia P1, Nokia 5, Nokia D1C and Nokia 8 Android devices, or at least this what will happen according to the rumors. But surprise, surprise, it seems that they have even more plans for that event.

As previous reports have shown, the Nokia N series will make a surprising comeback, and HMD is preparing to reveal their new range of phones at the event. The assumptions came to light after the HMD Global company has supposedly registered the name for the N series at the SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce) institution in China.

If the rumors are true, Nokia, in partnership with HMD, will release five new phone from the N series. They will include N70, N80, N90, N91 and N92. However, there are some recent reports showing that the first phone that will be announced might be the N95. The company did not release any official statement, so we should be cautious with every piece of news that comes in these days.

It is possible that the N-series devices might run on the 6th generation of Snapdragon processors. According to various rumors, the production target of the device will initially be of 50,000 units. Again, there is no official confirmation of the release date, but speculations claim that it will be at the MWC event. Even if we don’t get to see all the new models, at least we will maybe see the launch of the N95. Either way, the MWC event is going to attract everybody’s attention for sure!

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