Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2 and Nokia 6 Details – What We Know So Far?

During the last week we got the chance to find out lots of information for many Android smartphones, including Galaxy S8, Nokia devices, Pixel 2 or Android Wear. First things first, there have been lots of leaks surrounding the Galaxy S8, but most fans appreciate the small bezels and the huge screen. However, this minimizes the space that becomes available for the battery.

Even so, Samsung will be producing 2 different models, both of which will offer the curved edge screen that has become a hallmark for Samsung by now. However, the difference between them will be the size. Apparently, Samsung is also planning to release some devices that allow you to fold them in half, but we have no official information about that yet.

On the other hand, HMD Global made public some details about the new Nokia 6. As it seems, the battery is placed on another frame existing inside the phone, so it’s a great advantage if you need to replace it, especially since most phones don’t allow you to do so.

Meanwhile, Google should release this year a sequel for the successful Pixel model. Pixel 2 should run on Android 8.0, which will be released by then, hopefully. It will also offer a Snapdragon 835 processor and presumably a 4K screen.

Last but not least, Android Wear 2.0 is finally here, and it was designed to improve simple things. It improved the fitness-tracking options, it can detect automatically detect your workout and it lets you have easier access to the notifications. Moreover, it allows you to customize the complications that are found on the watchfaces. There isn’t really any surprise here, since this follows into the footsteps of the watchOS 3 update, released in the fall of 2016, which also focused on improving these particular features.

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