Fallout 4 Upgrade Available to Download on PlayStation 4 Pro

According to reports, Bethesda has made some important changes that games have been waiting for quite a long time. It seems that the official patch 1.14, which is also referred to as patch 1.9, will make the game much better on PlayStation 4 Pro.

First of all, we have to mention that one of the most improvements that it comes with is bigger draw distance than before. The PlayStation 4 Pro is able to run the Fallout 4 game at 1440p resolution compared with the 1080p resolution that the PlayStation 4 is able to run it. We have to mention that the PlayStation 4 Pro is able to run it at better frame rates and with improvised god ray effects.

The PlayStation 4 Pro version of Fallout 4 comes with a boost mode option, which allows you to achieve smoother results while playing the game. Unfortunately, it is not yet sure what the exact frame rate values will be, but reports are suggesting that the pixel resolution is most certainly a visible upgrade.

Thanks to the bigger resolution, you will now be able to see the outlines crisper than before. At the same time, the edges where the background feature light shafts now appears sharper than before.

Thanks to the new Fallout 4 patch that has been released for the PlayStation 4 Pro, you will also notice the quality of the mentioned god rays, which will be almost par with the high settings that you would make in your computer when playing the game.

As for the improvements made to the draw distances, the best example where you can see these changes is at the infamous Corvega factory. Using the PlayStation 4, you will barely see the distant terrain, vehicles and trees and sometimes these elements will miss because of the short draw distance.

We have to mention that the PlayStation 4 is able to display these details very clearly at close up, but the PlayStation 4 Pro will offer an awesome visibility at both short and far distances. This means that when it comes to draw distances the gamers will experience will almost par with the top settings in a computer.

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