How Google Almost Failed With The Pixel And Pixel XL

Google’s new Pixels didn’t impress visually, but they have camera lens that don’t let as much light as other smartphones, capturing great photos in low light. Also, the new phones come with the latest version of Android Nougat and Google’s Artificial Assistant, but there are a few mistakes that the company has made, which compromised the success of these devices.

Limited Stock Levels

Google’s US store ran out of Pixel XL pretty fast and when it was back in stock, fans couldn’t find all the different models. This is a shame, because the phone is almost three months old and it seems that Google can’t solve its supply chain problems.

Google Will Sell Your Phone To Advertisers

Many customers don’t know this, but Google is making lots of money from selling them to advertisers. We’re not talking about sharing private data. We’re referring only to the high price of the Pixel, which costs as much as an iPhone, and Google profits from it. According to Oracle, Google has earned over $30 billion dollars from its operating system, and people don’t mind spending more money on a device that’s released with stock Android.

Not Many Service Providers

What was Google thinking when it restricted the availability of its Pixels and made an exclusive carrier deal with Verizon? Not many people are willing to pay upfront to buy a phone, as they are used to paying monthly for the cellular contract. And since in the US, people prefer other carriers than Verizon, the only way to get the Pixel is from Google’s website.

Google Should Have Taken Advantage of the Note 7 Explosion Scandal

When the Note 7 started exploding all over the world, everyone was in shock. And since August, when it all started, Google had plenty time to think of what features from the Note 7 would look good on the Pixel, such as a stylus, water resistance or expandable storage, but the company ignored these options and brought a simple smartphone that was sold for a lot of money.

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