Surface Pro 5 to Dominate Laptop’s Market

The technology behemoth is rumored to soon announce some info about their next generation Surface laptop and judging by the rumors and leaks on the internet, 2017 will be the greatest year yet when it comes to the tech world.

Microsoft’s launch of upcoming Surface devices which include the Surface Pro 5 will come with important upgrades from the previous model and we can expect the launch date to be announced for the third quarter of this year.

Intel has started to produce their latest Kaby Lake chipset fairly recently stated that it is a clear statement regarding its computing power and capacity. The chip is extremely fast in terms of clocking power and it is capable of powering the Surface Pro 5 to its full extent. Staying in the same boat, the Surface Pro 5 is said to come equipped with a 4K resolution screen which is a significant update from the previous model.

Bearing a 4K resolution screen, the device will surge in popularity when it comes to heavy multimedia users as well as professionals who make their design work on such devices. A lot of leaks have stated the fact that MSFT will incorporate a Surface Pen along with its devices and this pen will have a wireless charging features when docked into a specially designed place within the device.

Microsoft are rumored to announce their new Surface Pro lineup at the MWC which starts on the 27th of February in Barcelona and judging by the fact that a lot of features are to be added we can expect a whole lot of improvements from the previous model.

Pricing wise, the device will be available to be bought for about $900 in its base version as it will come with variants which not only will be bigger in screen size but will also come equipped with an improved performance rating and a bigger battery to keep up with its processing power.

Taking into account that many laptop manufacturers are going to launch their new flagship devices at the MWC this February, Microsoft is sure to come with something new and interesting to cement their place as the top manufacturer.

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