Tim Cook about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Usually, the Apple policy is to be really cautious when talking about future products and technologies to be employed, but now it seems that their interest for augmented reality is not a secret anymore. The company was reported to hire some people in the AR domain, and now Tim Cook talked about this. In fact, he talks about it every time the topic arises, which made many fans question their plans. Rumor has it that Apple is preparing either an AR-powered pair of glasses or a new iPhone model with this feature incorporated.

Tim Cook recently gave an interview for The Independent, and he declared that he finds the AR developments as major as the smartphone appearance was back then. He said that he prefers more AR instead of VR because it allows you to remain anchored in real world while at the same time offering something extra. Meanwhile, the VR technology completely takes you off real world and isolates you. His position is particularly interesting in the context in which many people speculate that Apple intends to invest more in the VR technology, especially since there is lots of competition in this domain.

Cook confessed that he is really excited about the AR technology because of its potential. He said that it allows people to do lots of stuff and, similarly to the silicone found in his phone, it’s not a new technology as such, but it offers lots of potential for the smartphones. However, he declared that there are lots of things to be discovered before this kind of technology becomes refined enough so as to hit the mainstream. And indeed, people seem to agree with the fact that there are small things in their lives that could be improved with the help given by such a development.

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