Verizon to Offer Unlimited Data Plans Nowadays

Starting this Monday, Verizon joins the rest of the carriers who were already offering unlimited data plans. The biggest wireless provider in the US will now allow you to stick with your current plan or switch to an $80 a month one, for one line, that offers unlimited data, texting and talking. However, if you choose to do so, you have to automatically agree to the AutoPay feature and the billing service without any paper. If you are looking for a solution for the entire family, there is also a package that costs $45 a line for 4 lines, which totals $180.

This decision is somehow natural, since it comes in the middle of a harsh competition for the wireless space. Up until now, T-Mobile and Sprint have had quite an advantage over Verizon and AT&T carriers, but it seems that things are starting to change. And this is a normal consequence of the fact that these days users take lots of photos and record lots of videos which they need to share on their social networks. T-Mobile and Sprint realized this quick and managed to create a user base with people who can send and receive as much content as they want.

However, Ronan Dunne, who is the president of the wireless division at Verizon, said that their service is special because it offers the unlimited plan a user needs on the wireless network they deserve. An analyst at Recon Analytics declared in this context that the capacity of wireless networks increased and that the cost of sending 1 GB of data lowered 40% to 50% along with the evolution of networks. Perhaps the best part is that Verizon allows you to use your device as a hotspot for maximum 10 GB data without asking for extra pay.

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