YouTube APK 12.05 Download Available with New Improvements

The YouTube app is a great addition to any smartphone. Everyone watches videos on YouTube and to have a dedicated mobile platform for the service is pretty neat. However, those that have tried any version of the mobile app can tell you that there is a particular feature which doesn’t truly shine (or didn’t until now) on mobile. We are of course talking about seeking. Seeking is the capability of selecting a particular moment from the video by clicking the video’s progression bar. This is used so that you don’t have to sit through the whole video just to get to that specific part you are after.

In that regard, Google has come out with a new feature for the mobile app’s seeking capability, which was kind of lackluster before. Now, users have been granted the ability of interacting with the video seeker by tapping the screen twice. This gesture will make the video go forward or backward by what was until now a preset amount of 10 seconds.

But wait, there’s more

Even though this feature had come out for a very short period of time, specifically around 4 days, Google has thought of another improvement it could make to its new app seeker capability. Now, users will be able to predetermine what period of time will the pp skip ahead to or go back to, when the screen is double-tapped. This is a change from the previously unchangeable amount of 10 seconds.

This modification really puts the icing on the cake, as now users can more freely seek specific moments throughout long videos without getting frustrated or daunted by unfulfilling results as was the case before.

New options

Now, after the latest change has been implemented, users are now able to skip anywhere between a measly 5 seconds to a full minute a.k.a 60 seconds. That’s quite a big leap and there are a lot of variations in between the two.

If you want to get the latest update for the YouTube app, you can download the APK file and install it manually on your smartphone. Just make sure to enable Unknown sources so it will let you install apps that don’t come directly from the Google Play Store.

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