App Choices for Cheap International Calls and Unlimited Calling for 2017

With the advancement of technology, the way people communicate has never become more efficient and faster. Today, connecting with your friends and family from other parts of the world can be done with a small device that fits in your pocket.

While voice and video calls are mostly free by using mobile apps, international calls to landlines and mobile phones without VoiP service providers is possible but with a fee. The good news is, there are a myriad of communication apps to choose from.


Although existing since 2003, Skype still remains as the preferred software application of entrepreneurs to make voice and video calls as well as send files and instant messages. International calls and unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones without Skype are offered in low rates and depend on the location of the country you are calling. Moreover, this app offers free international calls for a month with a Skype Unlimited World subscription.


This cross-platform instant messaging app is also one of the popular applications that let you call landlines and mobile phones in other countries at low rates. With internet connection, you can make video and voice calls to other Viber users for free. It also has other interesting features, such as, capability to send audio and video files, stickers and with the latest update, secret messages. This works like SnapChat in which photos and videos can be set to self-destruct after a few seconds.


Last updated in January, this call and messaging app is slowly making it to the devices of Android users. Aside from free calls to other LINE users, instant messaging and free stickers, it also has a LINE Out feature that allows international calls to mobiles and landlines at competitively low rates.

Vonage Mobile

This mobile app also offers free video calling video messaging like most apps. Your mobile phone allows you to make international call to other countries, both for mobile phones and landlines. For calling credits, this can be done via your Google Play account.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Another international calls and unlimited calling app option is this free chat app. With over 200 million users, this multi-platform app also allows file sharing, free HD calls and cheap international calls to mobile and landline numbers via Nimbuzz Out credits. The VoIP features of Nimbuzz keeps you connected with your loved ones wherever part of the world they may be.


With WiFi, LTE, 3G of 4G, it is possible to make international calls to landlines and mobile phones that cheap and easy to make. Conversely, calls to other users of Yolla are free. While it does not offer instant messages and other features that come with instant messaging apps, Yolla comes in handy if your messaging app is down.

OTO Global International Calls

This communications app offers international calls to other mobile phones at very low rates. With more than 10 million users, OTO also lets users send voice, photo, video and text messages to friends and family with this app installed. Calls to other OTO users are free.

Whether you already have Viber for staying in contact with everyone in the world and are looking for alternative apps, you can take your pick from the list above.

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