Downloading the Latest Skype Version on Your Device

Skype is an application that allows voice and video calls, cheap international calls and instant messaging. It is one of the most preferred communications app by businesses and individuals who are looking for a way to get connected with business associates, friend and family.

Aside from free voice calls to others with Skype accounts, it is also possible to share video messages, photos and documents with this application software. Moreover, it is also available on Macs, PCs, Linux, tablets and smartphones.

Downloading Skype on Android Phones

Android users can download Skype via the Play Store. Just like installing any other app, simply launch Play Store and type in “skype” on the search bar. Next, choose the Skype icon among the results page to start downloading. Just click install to begin the process. You will need to press the “Accept” button to download the app.

As for other platforms, you can download Skype directly from the home page. Once you are in the website, choose the “Downloads” sub-menu and you will be brought to a page where you can download the app to the device you are using.

Skype can also be downloaded to your Xbox, TV and wearables. Just ensure that you are connected to the internet when downloading and using Skype. While there are other links that offer Skype downloads, it is best to choose only reliable sources.

Meanwhile the latest Skype version,, has been made available a few days ago. With the update came improvements in performance. For Samsung devices with 6.01 and 5.11 versions, the app now has improved reliability. Moreover, contact discovery of other Skype users from your list is now available, making it easier to communicate with colleagues, family and friends.

Before this update, version was released last January. With the frequency of update releases, we can expect for another one in no time.

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