Google Chrome To Follow More Improvements As It Receives More Updates

Google Chrome’s latest version is a lot faster and even more secure than the previous one, twenty-eight percent faster to be more exact. Chrome’s v56 build is going to be rolled out within the next couple of weeks and the guys from Google stated that the information when reloading the page has completely changed.

The new behavior will ask for fewer validation requests which will save up in terms of bandwidth and computing power, which are two of the major concerns for those who use the Enterprise version of the browser.

Simple Reload

This feature will be added to validate the main resource and continue with a regular page load. Not only does it come with the maximization of cached resources which will only result in lower latency rates but it also comes as a great improvement in terms of reduced power consumption as well as data usage.

HTTP Warnings for Banking Web Sites

Those who use Google Chrome will not only see a “Not Secure” warning shown in the address bar but the guys from Firefox which partnered with Chrome on the security fix will see the feature introduce on their open-source browser as well. Additionally, the Chrome version will add Web Bluetooth API support for Android, Chrome OS as well as macOS in order for sites to interact with devices which showcase a low Bluetooth energy.

Security wise, the new update will bring 51 different security fixes for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems to make the browser feel and be safer to use. These fixes will show an important change in which information is collected on certain pages regarding banks and accounts by using the HTTP protocol rather than using the more secure, fast and viable HTTPS protocol.

There are a few changes which clearly put Google Chrome atop the browser hierarchy and considering that Google has a wide array of updates planned for its browsing software, we cannot see the scales tilt the other way anytime soon. Google Chrome has stepped up in terms of security and now people can safely browse the internet and make payments online taking into account that Google Chrome is the most secure browser up to date.

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