Minecraft Pocket Edition Newest Update Received Candy To Its Textures

Silence has been the only thing which comes to our mind regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition after the huge game update which hit the game a couple of months ago and Mojang have been dead silent when it comes to more amazing features which are to be added to the game.

Minecraft has however seen a recent patch which was added a short while ago and it isn’t surprising that no new mechanics or features were added but an all new texture pack instead. It comes with a bit of a sweet taste for those candy-lovers out there.

The Candy Texture Pack adds some sweetness to the game as some mobs randomly turned into Jelly Creepers, Starlight Mint Skeletons and Velvet Cake Cows. The game embraced an all new and more colorful look which takes the term eye-candy to a whole new other level.

Notwithstanding this sweet update, there is no news about any upcoming features which are to be added to Mojang’s hit game and fans are already expecting an official announcement from its developers regarding the game’s future.

Developers have in mind the fact that a sense of unity will be conveyed throughout all versions of the game thus making them more similar to one another and not only are we wondering what it is in store for fans of the hit game but also some features are to be expected in the near future.

Such features include the fact that the game operated on a touchscreen device should operate more smoothly in terms of actual combat experience and the developers are yet to develop a sustainable solution in order for us to do so.

Either if you opt to build enormous structures adding block upon block or if you opt to mine for coal in order to light some torches to get you over the night, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great game which can be played on a plethora of devices. One has the option of playing two game modes and depending on the style of play, you could receive an inventory of endless supplies to mingle with or have to start with the inventory empty and work your way into creating an empire.

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