PlayBook 4S Update – Carry Them on Anywhere

We are pretty sure that many of you will find a “PlayStation 4 Laptop” a bit strange, but it seems that this is not impossible. Today we will talk about Ed Zarick, a talented modder, who has built a laptop version of the Xbox One back in 2016.

Well, it seems that, this year, he is focusing on the PlayStation 4 console, as he already released a PlayStation 4 Slim Laptop which was named the “PlayBook 4S”. We have to mention that the finished product is not slim at all, but the point of this project was to create a self-contained all-in-one PlayBook 4S, which you can take anywhere and start playing (as long as you have a power source around).

In order to create the PlayStation 4 Laptop, Zarick has “gutted” a PlayStation 4 Slim, and secured it in a modded clamshell box with a 19-inch display. As most of you already have guessed, the result was the “PlayBook 4S” console, which you can take anywhere without any problems.

The downside of the “PlayBook 4S” is that it doesn’t come with a battery, which means that you will need to plug it into a power source in order to function. To make things even better, the modder has made the unit to include a HDMI out port, which can be found at the back of the system, allowing you to hook the PlayBook 4S to an external monitor or to a TV.

It seems that Zarick sells his modded creations and also accept custom orders. However, don’t expect to be very cheap, as for a custom PlayBook 4S the modder asks for about $1495. However, you can pay only $1195 if you come with your own PlayStation 4 Slim console. Zarick will also upgrade the PlayBook 4S hard drive if the customer requests it, but it is not sure how much extra money you will need to pay for that.

Below you can see a video with the PlayBook 4S console:

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