Surface Pro vs. Galaxy TabPro S vs. iPad Pro – Which One to Choose?

Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup has continuously improved and evolved ever since their 2012 launch but they have a rather old feeling attached to their concept. The tablet can easily substitute a laptop and only made a huge hit on the market with their 2015 Surface Pro 4.

The tablet which can turn into a laptop concept has quickly been adopted by other tech manufacturers and more and more models have been built in order to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup. We’ve come up with a list of such devices in order for you to know which of them can easily replace Microsoft’s product until the new Surface Pro 5 arrives this spring.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S feels more like an iPad judging by its features as it has a great battery which promises more than 7 hours of uptime. It comes equipped with an amazing AMOLED screen which makes browsing the device extremely pleasurable.

Its only downside comes with the underpowered Intel Core M chip and the keyboard could have been a little bit more spaced in order to give the user a more comfort when it comes to typing. The kickstand is limited to only two positions but irrespective of that it comes as a bargain costing just around $700 for the base model.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has enjoyed its fair share of success and it comes with two display variants, that of 12.9 and 9.7 inches. The tablet is an excellent choice for a laptop substitute as it comes with an amazing pen for its creative tool.

The tablet runs on Apple’s iOS 10 which is also found on their mobile devices and the prices are the only aspect that holds it down from being the most popular device in its segment. The larger variant comes at $800 for the biggest variant and $600 for the 9.7 inch one. Both are however available at discounted prices and rumor has it that these cuts in prices have been made to make room for a new device of its kind which is set to be launched in March.

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