WhatsApp vs. BBM – Which One is Better?

Nowadays, everyone is using the internet to send and receive messages. There are many mobile messaging applications out there that are using the internet “power” to receive and send data. Today we will talk about WhatsApp and BBM messaging application in order to give you an idea about which one of them you will want to use.

How To Register

If you’re using WhatsApp for the first time, first you will download the app, then register using a valid mobile phone number, which will act as your WhatsApp ID. The verification process is quite simple, as you will receive a security code via a SMS, which you will need to insert in order to complete the registration process.

On the other hand, BBM is working on the concept of PIN numbers. In other words, BBM will generate a unique PIN number instead of asking for your mobile phone number. However, the downside of BBM is that you will need to manually insert your contacts as it will not sync with your phonebook as WhatsApp does.


When it comes to security, it seems that WhatsApp is not as good as BBM. For example, there were several cases when users found their private status, texts etc. open to public viewing. However, some recent updates have solved those security issues and not to mention that the application has also received an “end-to-end” encryption.

BBM is well known for its security as the application comes with full encryption, making sure your messages are not read by strangers. To make things even better, the BBM PIN improves the confidentiality of the users by eliminating the need to share your contact number with somebody you don’t even know.


The WhatsApp application is available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS, Android and even on desktop devices via the WhatsApp Web feature. Unfortunately, BBM is available only for BlackBerry phones, which is a big downside of this application.

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