Adobe Flash Player Update on Google Chrome in a Few Easy Steps

Years have passed and Google’s browsing service has reported that Adobe Flash was up to date even though it should be taken into consideration that there was an old copy of the Flash Player already embedded into Chrome.

Adobe has just released a brand new version of the software which is promising to have fixed 13 bugs many of them which had a critical characteristic to it. The usual method of updating Google Chrome is going to the Help section and the further clicking to About Google Chrome on Windows platforms as well as macOS.

One could force Google Chrome to update the Flash Player via its built in address bar. Users have to look for the Adobe Flash Player components in the list which carries all the browser’s components and ignore the status message. If the version shows itself to be older than it needs to receive an immediate update.

There is a button which states “Check for Update” and one has to click it in order for it to happen. The status will change from component downloading to update ready shortly followed by component updated. It shouldn’t take too long to make this process happen and if all ends well the Adobe Flash Player should have the version installed on the browser.

Bear in mind however that Google have suspended the Adobe support in favor of the more secure and fast HTML5 and judging from the long list of cyber attacks which were targeted at Adobe Flash Player there is a major concern in terms of security for browsers operating with it.

Apple has had nothing to do Adobe Flash ever since they have entered the market and it seems that big browser developers are keeping away from using the aforementioned software for security related reasons. Adobe may have revolutionized the way in which media is displayed on our web browsers but it got quickly replaced in favor of more competent software.

We strongly advise those who still prefer to use Adobe Flash instead of other software to be careful and always keep the software up to date in order for them not to risk getting their information compromised.

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