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The guys from Mozilla Foundations got their hands full lately with having to focus on building a new Firefox OS which was supposed to be intended for mobile devices as well as televisions and a platform on which consoles will run in the future.

They have recently axed around 50 developers who were working for that single purpose despite their claims that they are working on an open-sourced version of Alexa as well as some couple ideas which seem borderline bad for the software giant. Press statements declare that they are pretty much lacking the inspiration of coming up with something to re-integrate them in the race to build the perfect browser, or so it seems.

The latest Firefox 51.0 update brought a lot of attention from software enthusiasts as the open-source web browser is yet to deliver another update to the popular browser. Firefox 52 is already in the Beta stage for web developers as well as to those who want to get a sneak peak over the next possible features which will enhance the web browsing experience for those who opt for using Mozilla Firefox.

The new list of features which have already been by the developers of Mozilla show that the new Firefox 52 will come equipped with a new Firefox Sync technology which will enable its users to send and open tabs from one device to another as well as make sure that a Strict Secure Cookies option is available.

Firefox can boast with being one of the most secure browsers and the next 52 release will surely cement their position in the top three browsing software available right now. Users will also be further notified if a website which has non-secure password fields will ask for their data as well as improve Windows text input for those who use third-party keyboard layouts.

Mozilla Firefox’s 52 version is going to roll out on March the 7th but if one is eager to try out these new features as soon as possible, a download option is available on their official website.

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