Google Allo vs. iMessage – Messaging Apps Newcomer Battle

Messaging apps have become an important part of our everyday lives and the best ones age like fine wine. Taking into account that we are comparing Google Allo and iMessage they’ve been around for some time and recently received some improvements which might turn them into worthy competitors to the already popular messaging apps out there.

User Interface

In terms of user interface and design, there are a lot of factors which should be taken into account such as fluidity and convenience. Google Allo comes with a design which resembles Android Nougat and the text bar has the shape of a pill. You can change the themes of the conversation menu for more background customization.

iMessege users will benefit for the best interface Apple has to offer and not only does it come with an extremely well-designed interface but judging by the fact it has been around for quite some time the iMessage app embodies what users expect from using an Apple product, a reliable and well-regarded experience.


Google Allo was announced in 2016 and was promising to be the messaging app which would revolutionize the way in which communicate. Google has integrated some amazing features within the app such as Google Assistant which can tell you the weather for the next couple of days and even perform some simple tasks.

Google Allo also comes with suggested responses which automatically appear above the keyboard. The app is easily used with little input from the user and it scores big in terms of convenience and ease of use.

iMessage on the other hand supports SMS as Google Allo does not but it will cut down on some of the features which makes it unique in order to do so. The app is pretty solid and it is extremely important to note that it was designed to make conversations with friends and family more customizable.Such examples include confetti which floods the screen as well as party balloons and shooting stars.

We cannot come with a clear winner between the two and it only comes down to a matter of preference when choosing which one to use.

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