Google Maps Scores Big On The Social Factor With New Update

There have been past talks regarding Google Maps’ involvement in social features but they have eventually done it with the addition of a new shareable lists feature in their Maps app which will enable users to save locations which are conveniently grouped in lists with their friends and family right from the app itself.

This feature was tested by Google a few months before its official launch and was made available to those who had the status of power users as well as Google Local Guides. Google Maps adds another instance to the “save” options found within the app and it basically functions by pinpointing a location which can be further saved.

Google has added some premade lists including the likes of “Want to Go”, “Starred” and last but definitely not least “Favorites”. Users can now choose to group their places and personalize them within a set of preset themes. When one wants to recall a saved location you can save them in “Your Places”.

Each individual location or group of locations can be conveniently shared by tapping the “share” button as one will have its link and coordinates available via social networks. Favorite restaurants and shopping locations will be easily shareable.

In a recent blog post, Google previewed this feature via a promotional video where people discovered a “make public” feature which will virtually make your favorite places available to anyone and one can also explore others’ preferences in return.  This feature is trying to compete with apps which are designed specifically for this purpose such as Foursquare and Swarm.

The tech giant is trying to make their Google Maps app to stand out with its newly acquired social factor and will enable people to easily connect with each other thus switching the apps focus from a direction tool which guided you turn-by-turn to a more encompassing one which will not only act as a convenient GPS but it will also help you out in finding new places to enjoy.

The guys from Google made this feature available to all its users and the only ones who can benefit from making these lists are those who own Android or iOS operated devices.

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