Skype International Calls: Rates and How to Call

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used communications apps in the world today. With more than 650 million users, this app continues to be on the list as a top ranking VoIP service provider. Why wouldn’t it be? With its cool features, such as voice and video calls, instant messaging and affordable international calls, Skype has a large user base and the numbers continue to rise.

While calling other Skype users is free from any part of the world, it is important to always be online to enjoy its features. Moreover, data charges may apply.

International calls are also available in Skype. These are calls made to landlines and mobile phones without Skype accounts. While they are not free, international calls via Skype have cheap rates. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of this application. In 2013, 214 billion minutes were recorded on Skype to Skype calls.

Calls to landlines and mobile phones can be paid through Skype credit, through a subscription and via Skype numbers. Call rates to landlines and mobile phones vary depending on the destination you are calling and not on your location. Here is a list of some of the landline and mobile phone call rates per minute with Skype credit.

Destination                                  Landline                                     Mobile

United States                               2.3 cents                                    2.3 cents

Australia                                      2.3 cents                                    10 cents

Austria                                        2.3 cents                                     10 cents

Bahamas                                     12.1 cents                                   24.2 cents

Barbados                                     21.0 cents                                   21.0 cents

Belgium                                       6.0 cents                                     6.0 cents

Belize                                          36.4 cents                                   36.4 cents

Canada                                        2.3 cents                                     2.3 cents

Cambodia                                    30.0 cents                                    27 cents

Chile                                           2.3 cents                                      16 cents

China                                          2.0 cents                                      2.0 cents

Cyprus                                        6.3 cents                                      7.8 cents

Czech Republic                             2.3 cents                                      12 cents

Denmark                                     2.3 cents                                      10 cents

Ecuador                                      15 cents                                        25 cents

Egypt                                         17 cents                                        16 cents

El Salvador                                  25.3 cents                                     27 cents

Fiji                                             30 cents                                        30 cents

Finland                                       4.5 cents                                       20.8 cents

France                                        2.3 cents                                       8.0 cents

Georgia                                      9.2 cents                                       20 cents

Germany                                    2.3 cents                                       10 cents

Ghana                                      29 cents                                           29 cents

Gibraltar                                   9.0 cents                                          35 cents

Greece                                     2.3 cents                                          12 cents

Greenland                                58 cents                                            59 cents

Haiti                                        26.8 cents                                         41.3 cents

Hong Kong SAR                        1.49 cents                                         1.49 cents

Hungary                                   2.3 cents                                          22.5 cents

India                                        1.5 cents                                         1.5 cents

Indonesia                                 4.5 cents                                          6.5 cents

Ireland                                     2.3 cents                                          10 cents

Italy                                         2.3 cents                                          10 cents

Jamaica                                    13.2 cents                                        23 cents

Japan                                       2.3 cents                                          11 cents

Jordan                                      20.8 cents                                        24 cents

Korea                                       2.3 cents                                          5 cents

Laos                                         12.5 cents                                        12.5 cents

Latvia                                       6.8 cents                                          19.8 cents

Luxembourg                              2.3 cents                                          24.8 cents

Malaysia                                   2.3 cents                                           6 cents

Maldives                                   1.52 cents                                         1.51 cents

Mexico                                     1.0 cents                                            2.5 cents

Netherlands                              2.3 cents                                           10 cents

Norway                                    5.4 cents                                           12 cents

Panama                                   11 cents                                            19.7 cents

Peru                                        2.3 cents                                           14 cents

Philippines                               12 cents                                             12 cents

Poland                                     2.3 cents                                            2.3 cents

Qatar                                      39 cents                                             39 cents

Russia                                     2.3 cents                                            10 cents

Singapore                                2.3 cents                                            2.3 cents

Spain                                      2.3 cents                                            10 cents

Sweden                                   2.3 cents                                            10 cents

Switzerland                              2.3 cents                                            20 cents

Thailand                                  2.3 cents                                            3.0 cents

United Kingdom                        2.3 cents                                            10 cents

Making International Calls

Simply sign in to Skype and click on the call phones icon. When the dial pad opens, you can dial the phone number you want to call manually. Include the country code, the area code and the phone number. Call the other party by pressing the blue call button.

However, the battle of communication apps continues. But which is the better option among WhatsApp, Skype and Hangouts?

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