Skype Update Comes with Latest Features and Reduces Attack Threats

Skype is probably one of the most iconic programs you could install on your computer. With decades of experience and professional service under its belt, the Microsoft app better than ever when it comes to staying in touch with loved ones or forming brand new relations. Over the past few years, a lot of alternatives to Skype have emerged, also thanks to the continuous rise in popularity of the mobile platform.

It looks like people are more drawn than ever to mobile devices and having the answer to any situation right there, in their pocket, in the form of a small mobile device. Even as we are getting further away from traditional desktop or even laptop computing solutions, Skype still thrives thanks to the addition of a mobile version of the service.

However, just like any other service or app, Skype needs to be updated. Updates comes for pretty much one of two reasons (a lot of times both):

The developer has found some inconsistency, bug or otherwise problem with the current version of the application and is deploying an update that will correct this.

The developer has created additional features for the app and is coming out with an update that will implement these new features and integrate them into the app’s ecosystem.

What happens when I don’t upgrade?

Having an outdated version of Skype won’t make your computer or phone explode. It will, however, leave you vulnerable to possible external threats and attacks. Most often, cyber attacker target backdoors and vulnerabilities in an app’s security protocols. App updates also seek to bolster the app and prepare it for the newest type of threat. If there is no update installed to fortify the app against that kind of threat, you might find yourself exposed.

Skype policy

When a version of Skype is no longer supported by Microsoft, users of that particular version will be signed out of the app and they won’t be able to get back in unless they update to a more current version that is supported.

If you are interesting in updating your Skype version, Microsoft provides a web page which can be used to immediately get the latest version of Skype, regardless of which version that might be at any given time.

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