Windows 10 To Change Its Face With New Build Preview

Microsoft have been extremely notorious in favor of the fact that they made some design changes which didn’t quite come as praised by customers with Windows Vista and Windows 8. A leak was previously published online regarding a new design of Windows 10 entitled Project NEON and according to the person who leaked the information; there is a significant change to the windows borders which were completely removed.

The new design might cause a bit of confusion when it comes to resizing and moving windows as we will not have a place to place the mouse in order to perform such tasks. Another change which is worth mentioning is the taskbar which has been shifted to a white background and now features a black text over it.

It is widely regarded that the Project NEON will come with a new interface to all devices which operate under Windows, including HoloLens, phones, Xbox One consoles as well as computers. It is known that Microsoft is working on a style of programmable interface for the NEON with a custom language.

The language is called Microsoft Design Language 2 and it refers to one which tackles with controls, fonts and iconography in versions of the Windows 10 are being controlled and displayed. The language will mostly focus on toggles and dialog systems with which users are interacting to create a smoother display.

Cortana is also going to undergo some changes as it is now able to suggest reminders. This feature will keep track of items such as specific deadlines in an email and will suggest setting up a reminder which is solely based to the data written in that certain email. The whole action is performed via the Action Center.

Using machine learning technology which was developed in partnership with Microsoft Research, Cortana will figure out on itself how committed one is to an email and will automatically set a reminder when a certain task is due for being completed

Take into account that NEON is a project which is aimed for the long term and will not appear before the Creator’s Update. It will most likely ship with the Redstone 3 as the next big update somewhere in late fall.

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