Best Decks In Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and How to Get Them

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has seen a great degree of popularity for almost a month now and players have devised multiple strategies in order to get the most out of their amazing card game. The key factor in Duel Links is to get the rarest cards because they come with the best effect possible in order to have access to the best PVP monsters.

Legendary Duelists will not prove to be so hard to defeat when one has a couple of rare cards in their decks and the best way in doing so is by beating them time after time. Farming for rare cards will heavily rely in getting the best duel assessment as the highest it is, the bigger the chances of you getting the best cards.

We’ve come up with some strategies and items to own in order to make farming for a rare card and bear in mind that these have to be taken into account if one wishes to defeat Legendary Duelists in no time at all.

  • Two Mythical Beast Cerberus;
  • Two Riryoku;
  • All Spells with an emphasis on Stop Defense;
  • Enchanted Javelin trap card.

The main strategy behind Duel Links is to have only one monster in a single deck, mainly Mythical Beast Cerberus. Having it as your main monster and how do you use it on the field is to equip Sorcery Conduit which will let you drawn a random spellcaster monster from the deck after taking 1800 points of damage.

Now that you will have your trusted Mythical Cerberus on the field you now have to increase its attack power by 500 units for every spell played on the board and not only will it increase by a large margin but it will also make sure that you deck out before you can win.

Not being able to deal much damage to take your opponent in one strike will prove to be difficult if the strategy is deployed and if one takes note of it appropriately it is sure to beat any Legendary Duelist in no time at all, thus raking in some amazing rare cards.

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