The Best Messaging Apps To Choose From in 2017

The ability to have more power over your chat windows it sure is comforting but take into account that some applications come with a degree of security which is subpar with today’s standards. There are a lot of popular apps in which your conversations can be intercepted and read by unauthorized third parties.

There are some apps however which come with amazing features such as end to end encryption and this article highlights some of these apps which are a breeze to use and also keep your chats private to the point of being so secure that nobody will have access to your conversations.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been the people’s favorite choice when it comes to popularity and security as since last April the app has enjoyed end-to-end encryption which basically means that chat windows cannot be read by anyone but you and the person or group of people you are messaging.

The chats are thoroughly protected and the app even comes with a security code in order for you to verify whether or not someone is intercepting messages and passing them on to other parties for unauthorized use.

  • Signal

This app comes from Open Whisper Systems and has the full-fledged approval of Edward Snowden. The app is extremely easy to use and just like WhatsApp; it comes with end-to-end encryption. The source code of the app is available online in order for experts to check for possible breaches in security.

Signal does not record metadata of messages such as phone numbers or the number and time of messages. Signal messages cannot be stored in a copy on your device so bear that in mind if you decide to re-install the app.

  • FrozenChat

FrozenChat comes with end-to-end encryption with OTR messaging and it also has with an extremely useful feature, that of deniability, which basically means that anyone can modify a message after the conversation is over as there is the option to remove any message was sent by you.

This app is open source and supports the open XMPP protocol which is run by volunteers. What that implies is that the app does not benefit from central servers and cannot be taken down or seized by anyone who wants it gone.

  • Silence

Silence can be regarded as a popular replacement for Android’s SMS app as it stores messages you receive in a database which is encrypted. This app also comes with end-to-end encryption providing that both the one who sends the message and the receiver are using the app.

The app has the advantage of being open source so that developers will quickly patch any vulnerability and check if there are any flaws within the system which might lead to loss of private data.

  • Silent Phone

Silent Phone comes from the amazing guys from Silent Circle who are the industry leaders when it comes to security on mobile devices. This app allows for secure messaging as well as voice calling in HD audio as well as the transfer of files.

This app comes with an amazing feature which enables users to delete all your personal data in an instant. Silent Phone is also open source and can be checked by developers in order to find vulnerabilities which would otherwise compromise it.

  • Telegram

Telegram is not your ordinary messaging app as it comes with a secret chats feature. These conversations are encrypted and are only available to the same device where you have started the chat. Not only did it enjoy some praise when it turned out to have been used by the Islamic State to recruit followers but it also comes with some neat features such as an encryption algorithm and MTProto.

  • Facebook Messenger

The list cannot be complete without Facebook’s own messaging apps as it uses the Signal protocol in order to employ end-to-end encryption. It also comes with a secret conversation feature which is optional.

After one has started such secret conversation, any content can be sent through it, be it photos videos or simple texts. Group messaging is not supported by the system in the secret conversations mode. Messages are also able to be set to disappear but it comes with a certain flaw.

If the conversation is reported by someone, it will be decrypted and immediately sent back to Facebook for analyzing.

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