Fire Emblem Heroes Available With First Update

Fire Emblem Heroes saw its first update ever just a couple of days ago which included the announcement of four new heroes who go by the name of Ephraim, Eirika, Seliph and Julia. They are now available and are to be found together in the five star focus categories under the “Family Bonds” banner.

This banner will be available for players until the 26th of February and it includes both the Deep Devotion as well as Legendary Heroes being completely gone for the game. Paralogues have opened up for the first time ever in addition to the new champions and is now available under the Story Maps when one enters the battle menu.

The first Paralogue comes with three missions and at the time one of them is completed, players will receive an orb for a grand total of nine if players complete them on all the levels of difficulty. The Paralogue missions will also end on the 26th of February and players are strongly advised to take advantage of it.

Eirika is depicted as the Princess of Renais as well as the twin sister of Ephraim. Not only does she have a deep care for her brother but also benefits from a great degree of kindness which always put her in immediate danger. She appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone.

Ephraim, the other half of the Reinais kingdom is the main supporter of his sister and has a bit of a confidence problem which will always land him in immediate danger. He also appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone.

Julia is the inheritor of the Book of Naga and is described as being Seliph’s half-sister with the father being different. She does hide her amazing strength through gentleness and appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Last but definitely not least, Seliph is perhaps the most anticipated character within the game as he is the sole inheritor of the sacred sword Tyrfing. Depicted as a savior in his time he tries to avoid battles at all costs but with no avail as he is pretty strong for his type.

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