Gmail vs. Google Inbox – The Newest Email Battle

Google’s Gmail service for sending, receiving and managing your emails is one of the best solutions you can find. Many believe it to be the very best, but no matter how good Gmail is, there will always be those that seek to challenge its supremacy. And speaking of competing rivals, the newest one to have hit the internet will probably confuse you a bit.

Say hello to Google Inbox, the latest email service from Google itself. Yes, Gmail is Google proprietary, and yes, this would make Google Inbox the direct competitor of Gmail. Google has really launched two email services that are now competing over market shares, although with over a billion users under its belt, Gmail isn’t too worried at the moment. Keeping in mind that you can actually use them both and have them collaborate in your interest, let’s take a look at what are the benefits of using one or the other.


  • The good thing about Gmail is that people are already aware of what it can do and it can’t. Familiarity can be a great asset. A very large number of people are already aware of Gmail’s strengths and can comfortably use the platform. Switching to a new one, be it Google Inbox or another one, would require each user to try and answer the question: Is it worth it?
  • Gmail comes with integration support for other email services such as Hotmail or Yahoo, This came in handy when people first discovered Gmail and needed to properly migrate over from other email services that had been more popular before.
  • Gmail benefits from the extensive capabilities and functionalities of the Google toolkit, which includes a ton of applications and services which allow you to do pretty much everything you’d ever need from an email platform. Having everything you need is a strong incentive.

Google Inbox

  • Bundles is a feature available on Google Inbox that provides a strong reason for which someone would use the platform. Bundles is basically another way of saying “Tags”, although a bit different. You can add new bundles if you want, but Google Inbox comes with its own set of pre-made bundles which you can use immediately. These will store emails based on their type and purpose. This makes it extremely easy to manage your emails and block or ignore certain types.
  • A pretty unique approach on emails is the Snooze feature. It lets you snooze on messages you want to take care of later. Snooze will give you some more time and will prompt you later about that message.
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