Google Chrome Tips for An Enhanced Experience

Google’s internet service app has dominated the market ever since its release as it has benefited from the lion’s share of the market, clocking at a whopping 62% of users using it as their main browser on desktop platforms despite its known problems of using too much battery if left unchecked.

There are a few simple settings which can be mingled with in order for you to gain more and lose less battery when using Chrome and we have come up with some tricks and tips to make sure that there will be some improvements to your browsing experience.

Stay Up To Date

This tip might seem pretty basic and shouldn’t be regarded as a tip on its own and one would be surprised to know that a lot of people run on outdated versions of Google Chrome. Their more recent versions are a lot faster as well as efficient.

In order to make sure one runs on the latest version of software go to the address bar and type “chrome://help” and hit the enter button. Not only will it show the version number but it will also prompt users with a link to install the latest version of the software.

Suspend Inactive Tabs

The modern browsers all have the ability to navigate with a lot of tabs opened at the same time for those productivity freaks to enjoy. There are a lot of factors which will drain your battery in no time so the best solution is to suspend every tab which has no active input in order to permanently improve the battery consumption of the browser.

Remove Unused Extensions

Extensions are one of the main perks of using Google Chrome as they highly customize the browser. Having one too many of them however will prove to be hard on the browser and the system as it will go a long way to remove some of them which have not been used for quite some time in order to gain both an increase in performance as well as a better battery output.

  1. Correction – Chrome did not dominate as a browser since its release. Wikipedia shows that in January of 2009 Chrome had 1.38% and it took until July of 2012 to break 30% of the market share. currently shows Chrome at 37%; is 51.76%; shows36.26%; w3schools shows 73.7%; shows 36.6%; gizmodo shows 42%; and shows 62.6%. I am not sure what can be determined by these stats, other than they are all over the board, and that the variance is due to many factors.

    If I had to make a guess, I would say that nothing particularly odd is going on in the world of browsers. When Internet Explorer dominated, it was not because people chose it other the others, but because it came with Windows. Since the current trend in buying computers is (and has been for awhile) moving toward tablets and phones, and the dominating OS for both is Android (made by Google), and Chrome is the default browser for Android, it stands to reason that Chrome is the dominating browser.

    It is too bad that browser choice is not based on which one supports the current webpage development standards, because neither Chrome nor Internet Explorer would be dominating in the world of browsers.

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