Google Play Music to Pair With Youtube for Mutual Benefits

Those who are using Spotify can soon say goodbye to their app as Google Play Music is looking to launch an app in conjunction with Youtube and that can only mean they are aiming to gain supremacy when it comes to audio content sharing. The two giants are looking to pair in order to dominate the market in terms of users and popularity and software giants such as Spotify will have it difficult to maintain their status.

Google Play Music is a great app in terms of popularity and content delivery as it boasts with over 50 000 tracks from their own library which offers a wide array of artists. Subscribers are offered the perks of on demand streaming any song of their liking which can be found on Google Play Music Catalog.

When it comes to Youtube Music, there are a lot of features which will take a large amount of time to count such as gaming content and non-stop stations which are being streamed in live time. Not only does it offer the largest amount of media content on the internet but it also boasts with the fact that it’s the largest music consumption website in the world.

According to a statement that Google released for The Verge they have said that music is an intricate part of Google and they are going to look forward to developing this sector with important partnership between other software developers and artists.

There are no further statements whether if there will be a complete fusion between the software giants but when taking into consideration the fact that this partnership will only increase the user base for both Google and Youtube, the possibilities are endless when it comes to delivering the best possible platform for people to enjoy.

The media market is extremely competitive in terms of streaming music and their new app will most likely dethrone everyone who will stand in their way. Combining the features of both Google and Youtube Music will only create perks for users to create own playlist whilst still enjoying the live features which Youtube offers. Interweaving these two possibilities will go a long way in improving the music streaming sector.

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