GTA 6 to be Top Priority at Rockstar after RDR2 Release

We are in the second month of February, meaning that enthusiastic fans have had 2 months by now to get used to the idea that 2016 came and went with no sign of GTA 6. The beloved video game franchise has struck pure gold in 2013 with the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. The game was following the very successful release of GTA 4 in 2008 and GTA San Andreas before it in 2004. Now, people are wondering when the faithful release of GTA will take place.

Not a lot of information is known on the subject, and by not a lot we actually mean nothing at all. The game’s developer Rockstar Studios has been very adamant about not letting out any details on the upcoming sequel. However, there was something that had a large enough impact on the community in order to temporarily sate its thirst for more GTA: The announcement of the upcoming Red Read Redemption 2. This will be the follow-up to the original Red Dead Redemption, which is now considered an iconic video game that has achieved legendary status throughout gamer communities all around the world.

We know that RDR2 will be out sometime during the Fall, according to a teaser poster that was shared with us by Rockstar. Many now believe that once RDR2 will be out on the market, the company’s attention will once again shift towards the GTA franchise. That being said, it seems that the release of GTA 6, or any shot of having a fact-based discussion regarding its release will be better served after Fall comes and RDR2 is out of the way. It is understandable how such an important game would require Rockstar’s full attention, since we’re talking about a big part in the company’s legacy.

There is also a rumor going on saying that Rockstar might be facing a budget issue regarding GTA 6. Keep in mind that in order to make GTA 5, Rockstar needed to allocate a total budget of $256 million to the project. That is just insane. And considering the fact that, for all purposes, GTA 6 must surpass GTA 5, they will require an even larger budget which they might not have at the moment.

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