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PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility Comes as a Great Feature for Sony

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The release of both the PlayStation 4 console as well as its Microsoft counterpart, Xbox One, was met with high anticipation and hype as many promises were made on how the quality of gaming would drastically improve both visually and hardware/performance-wise. When Sony finally released the PS4, it was with stupor and disappointment that the PS community learned the fact that there was no Backwards Compatibility program similar to the one existent on Xbox One machines.

What’s Backwards Compatibility?

Backwards Compatibility is a feature currently available on the Xbox One, which lets users insert discs and play games from the previous console generation. As you are probably aware, Xbox One is the next generation of the Xbox console after Xbox 360. This means that Xbox 360 games, thanks to Backwards Compatibility are available to play on Xbox One devices. It’s a great (and no-brainer) decision to give users the ability of playing all the games they already paid for, even though they have upgraded their consoles.

The same thing cannot be said about PlayStation, which doesn’t feature this kind of compatibility. To keep it simple, it is unable of providing such a service due to how its internal architecture works. When comparing it to that of a PC, it is far more similar than any other iteration of a console.

There is a way in which you can play older titles on your PS4, but it requires that you buy the game once again (the PS4 version). Backwards Compatibility allows Xbox users to seamlessly slide in the disc and play games directly from their personal collection, no extra fee added.

Sony have released an improved and upgraded version of their console, called PS 4 Pro. However, the nature of this upgrade puts a lot of emphasis on VR and 4K technology, but doesn’t add any type of compatibility for older games. This is something that the PS community wants dearly. No one can blame them though, as they have already paid for the games that they now want to play on the PS4.

It is unknown whether Sony will be able to satisfy this demand at a later date, given the architecture issues mentioned earlier. It might be possible to create an emulator for the PS4 , which emulates PS3 titles. This would be similar to what Microsoft has done for its Backward Compatibility feature on the Xbox One.

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nintendo done that since the wii launch.

Karan Patel

PS4 Backwards Compatibility may have been ruled out by Sony, but Microsoft believes it’s what gamers want. Sony has absolutely no plans to bring PS4 Backwards Compatibility. PS4 Backwards Compatibility is old hardware around to play your favorite Games is always a sore spot for Gamers and there are enjoy some classic from the PS2 and PS3 through Sony massive Is PS4 Backwards Compatibility Features and best all time.