UC Browser Comes With Great Popularity On Android Devices

The UC Browser has been one of the choices for users when it comes to those who own devices which operate under the Android operating system for a couple of years and has gained some amazing reputation for being extremely reliable and fast.

The browser is based on the Chromium platform and has been recently adapted to run on Windows devices and it is somewhat better in terms of usability than the Google Chrome and will be regarded as an amazing contender for those who wish to replace Chrome with another browser.

When considering the fact that the download will occupy less than 50 megabytes of space on your hard drive, the software will work like a breeze as users will feel generally accustomed to it as it has some features which are similar to Chrome and Firefox.

There are some extra features which are pretty nice to have on a browser such as Video/MP3 downloader which allows its users to download any MP3 file or video with a single click. It also has the option of selecting the quality of such videos or music files and nothing can be nicer than getting music off of Youtube with extreme ease.

Whether or not one desires to download videos, there is also the option of watching them again in a Pop-Out-Video system which lets you multitask or work on other projects whilst still enjoying that certain media file.

UC Browser also comes with its own Ad-Blocker which is extremely nice to have as one will not be bothered with countless ads which do nothing but block your screen. The UC Browser for Windows is an extremely nice addition to have and while it is not the best in its league, it sure is a great addition to have.

In terms of performance, it has some accelerators which work in the background such as pre-loading a certain webpage when the mouse cursor is above a certain link in order to instantly open it when a click is performed. Another important feature is the Cloud Boost which compresses images as they are being downloaded so that the bandwidth is decreased with no deterioration to those who operate with limited connections or are under limited data.

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