WhatsApp Web 0.2.3571 Update Download Available with New Visuals

Today, companies and businesses look to branch out and establish a presence on as many platforms as they can. That’s why Skype has come out with a mobile application, and that’s also why WhatsApp now has its own desktop service. Good news for the users of WhatsApp desktop version, as a new update has finally arrived. The update is small but don’t let yourself fooled by the size. In fact, it brings forth some important modifications that users all around will no doubt be very thankful for.

The latest WhatsApp update brings the app to version 0.2.3571 and includes some very nice features. One of them is the ability of viewing both shared videos and shared links. Previously, you would need to be on the mobile app to do that.

Depending on what is it exactly that you are sharing, the information will be separated into multiple categories such as documents, links or media. The entire UI has been the target of change, with an Android Nougat approach in mind.

You can also expect a brand new imagining of the platform’s icon set. This will certainly give it a more refreshing vibe and break whatever monotony might have installed since you first started using WhatsApp Web.

How to download

It’s easy to get the latest version of WhatsApp Web. Just log into your account and there should be a prompt message letting you know that a new update has been made available. You will be given the option of downloading the update. This will take just a couple of moments and so will the installation process.

WhatsApp Web is a great way of staying connected with your friends even if you’re not on you mobile device. It sounds a bit strange as it is practically the reverse of what most are going for today, which is having an alternative for when you are not able to use the desktop computer. However, you get access to WhatsApp on two different platforms thanks to it, so it’s wins all around.

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