Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra vs. Xiaomi Mi Max – Best Display Quality

Smartphone nowadays have become a lot more compact and they feature impressive screens which can be found to be over 5.5 inches wide but companies are always trying to improve them in all aspects. They even have a niche market of their own for those who prefer large screen ones and two models have shown to be consistent and impressive in this respect.

Running on the same hardware, the Mi Max and Zenfone 3 Ultra smartphones are impressive in their own sector and one can have a hard time when choosing between them. It all comes down to the display factor as there are some minute differences which will tilt the scales in favor of one of them.

Brightness and Color

In terms of the luminance factor, both devices are pretty much bang on even, the only difference being the fact that Xiaomi’s device is more reflective in bright sunlight conditions which proves to be an advantage for the Zenfone. The difference is very slight and it could be easily neglected though.

When it comes to color reproduction, the Mi Max comes with a warmer display than the Zenfone 3 Ultra which will have more saturated images. On the other hand the Zenfone will reproduce images better and closer to their initial source. The choice of what’s the best device here will only come as a matter of preference.

Other Aspects

Whilst being pretty much similar in terms of specs, there are a lot of features which set them apart by quite a large margin when taking into account the fact that Asus’ device feels a little bit stutter. It feels a little bit out of its way when it comes to high-end gaming. The Xiaomi Mi Max runs games like a breeze and will encounter no problems whatsoever in smoothly rendering them.

Camera wise, the Zenfone comes equipped with a better snapper given its higher price. The Mi Max comes with a 16Mp snapper which has seen some improvements over the passage of time but the clear difference is the fact that Asus’ device captures better images in low light conditions.

Choosing which device is better from these two will only come down to a matter of preference as they are both a bargain judging by their specifications and the differences which set them apart are too subtle to even make a clear separation between them.

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