Buying a Chromebook – What to do Next?

Setting up a Chromebook right after it has been purchased has never been easier as it take a whole lot less of work like one would have to go through when setting up a PC. Chromebook does not come with a lot of updates or need any antivirus software. All that one would have to do is to log in into a Google Account and then you are pretty much set. There are few settings which might prove to be somehow difficult and we’ve come up with a few tips on how to make it work to enjoy from its full potential.

Gather Apps in One Place

Chromebook apps are becoming more and more frequent but notwithstanding their very specific computing demands such as editing video or images, the gap between a Chromebook is able to do and what it cannot is quickly reducing in size.

There are a lot of web apps available which can replace a desktop system with extreme ease as Microsoft has plans to bring Skype to the web. Office documents works well with basic users and we are still hoping for Adobe to release a version of Photoshop which will work on Chromebooks.

Prepare for Offline Use

There are a lot of offline apps which can be used on Chromebook such as Google’s Gmail service which will work online extremely well. You will save messages online and once you have enabled it, Gmail will permit anyone to reply or come up with new messages which will be immediately sent to the respective recipients as soon as the device is connected to the internet.

Having all of these basics in mind one is prepared to use the Chromebook to its full potential. There are a lot of tricks and tips which will make the Chromebook an amazing device with the potential of taking supremacy in its segment but we are still expecting some apps to be developed to suit its demands.

After the initial setup, not only will most people will never need to worry about factors such as getting malware or ransomware on their device or be asked for pesky updates but also it offers some amazing functions which can replace a desktop system at any given time.

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