Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date New Information

The immensely popular gaming franchise is going to have a successor and the new Grand Theft Auto 6 is still expecting some attention from Rockstar as fans have been waiting for a long time and that only led to various speculations from the rumor mill.

The guys from Rockstar Games are the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise and they seem to have switched their full-fledged attention to Red Dead Redemption 2 which will be launched somewhere in the fall of 2017. The game must have made the developers busy for quite some time as news regarding the upcoming GTA is still to come.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is already three years old and not only does it still receive some amazing attention from the game’s developers with countless updates it is said that the game scored big in terms of popularity and excitement among fans. The gaming giant is making a lot of multiplayer content to enjoy with their GTA Online series which is said to keep fans of the franchise entertained until the next game is ready to be launched.

A new version of the already popular Grand Theft Auto series is expected to arrive somewhere around 2020 and this decision is a fair one to make judging by the fact that a lot of console manufacturers are going to release their top models around that time.

Another safe assumption to make is the fact that the game might be massive in terms of map size, it is highly rumored that it will go all the way to a country-sized scale and some even take it a step forward in stating that it would have a map as big as the entire United States.

There are a lot of sources which have hinted the fact that the game will be able to be played in a Virtual Reality mode and if these come out to be true it should make the game be a solid mix of both first-person and third-person gameplay.

Rockstar have been keeping a tight seal over the details which will make Grand Theft Auto 6 extremely popular but irrespective of their secrecy, it will sure prove out to be an outstanding game.

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