GTA Online gets Valentine’s Day Event with New Goodies for Players

Surely you didn’t think that Valentine’s Day would come and go without Rockstar marking the occasion somehow in their highly acclaimed, massively played GTA Online, right? Of course you didn’t, but you probably want to know the specifics and what you can expect if you’re going to log onto the game in this period. GTA Online is known for adopting different holidays in-game and making sure those that spend their time playing the GTA title online with friends or otherwise don’t forget what time of the year it is.

Couple event

This year, Rockstar is taking more care of couples with the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This is pretty uncharted territory in the game’s category, but that doesn’t mean they can’t approach it now. There will be two romantic locations available in the game. One is at La Puerta while the other one is situated at Legion Square.

Since we’re talking about couples, Rockstar is also including double everything: Double rewards, double cash and RP from 2 v 2 Adversary Mode, and such. Speaking of sales, you will also get a 25% bonus when doing business involving Biker Business Sales or Cargo Deliveries. If you’re looking for other places where business is rewarded with a bonus check out Benny’s Upgrades, Ocelot Penetrator and My Valentine Clothing.

The Valentine’s Day event is only one of many new implementations made by Rockstar. Both already implemented and on their way updates are making the GTA Online experience memorable for those that invest time into Rockstar’s successful multiplayer effort. After the release of GTA 5, Rockstar smartly branched out to multiplayer thus prolonging the title’s presence and enjoyment. Now that GTA Online is live, Rockstar can continuously supply steady content to the game without feeling rushed by the community to bring out GTA 6 for more Grand Theft Auto.

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