Skype Preview Available with Latest Video Call and IM Improvements to iOS and Android Users

In the past months, all developers have released new updates to their apps and introduced new features as an attempt to be one step ahead of the competition. But only a few companies brought original content, impressing their loyal users, while others have copied features from popular apps, in order to keep their existent users. Either way, the IM scene has become more competitive and Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about losing users, because new awesome features are now in beta in its Skype Preview and they will be available to general public soon.

Skype app can be used on Windows PC, iOS and Android devices, but the current features in beta are available to mobile users. So, these are the fresh treats brought by Skype Preview: first of all, users will swipe to capture an image on their screen, then they will be able to add emojis, stickers or annotations, and share the result with the rest of the chat.

In-call is another addition that will allow users to add photos, emoticons and text to ongoing video calls. Then, after receiving an individual text message, users will have the possibility to respond to them using specific messaging reactions similar to those available on Facebook, below posts. Also, users can share cool GIFs in their conversations, as the application has integrated Giphy.

Microsoft has also improved “Find panel”, which works like a search bar, allowing users to locate and share links, sport results, news and everything they find on the internet, without having to close the application. Skype for Android has also Bing integrated into conversations, and users will find a dedicated tab on the chat UI.

These new features are available to Android and iOS users through Skype Preview, but once the testing will be over, they will be introduced to the main application. Android users can download the app from Google Play, while iOS users will need to apply for Skype Insider.

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