WhatsApp is a Versatile App That Could get Better with These Helpful Tricks

WhatsApp is a great application with worldwide exposure that really helps people stay in touch and communicate easier through the power of instant messaging. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your WhatsApp experience sweeter. In this article we will be looking over some tricks that can improve the way you are using the Facebook owned service. Let’s see how you can achieve this by applying a few simple suggestions.

  • Group settings

WhatsApp groups are a great way of having a large poor of people gather up for a chat. Whether we’re talking about a bunch of friends or something more professional like a group for your work colleagues, you might not want to share all your information with everyone in the group. You can manage how and when who can see what by going to the Privacy section in Settings and checking out Profile Photo, Last Seen and Status.

  • Keep them guessing

On WhatsApp, you get two “checked” markers at the end of each sent message. They have the role of showing that the message has been sent and that it was received. That’s great, but they can also spark up some unpleasant non-verbal language. If you are in the incapacity of replying to a message, the person hitting you up might think that you are ignoring them. You can turn off those markers from the Privacy section in Settings.

  • Personalized notifications

If you’re in a big group on WhatsApp, there’s a chance that a loud racket will be coming from your phone while you’re trying to get some shuteye. If you don’t want your phone to blow up with notifications about messages that aren’t even addressed to you, you can change the settings regarding this from Custom Notifications, which is under Group Info. You can access Group Info by tapping a chat’s name.

  • Bring your favorite chats on the Homescreen

If you are in a lot of groups, or engaged in a lot of chats, you might find it tedious and frustrating to have to constantly navigate through all of them to find that one personal or group chat that you always use. By holding that chat tapped, you can access the option of strapping a shortcut of the chat on your phone’s smartphone.

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